Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Balancing Recovery & Life

I think the hardest thing about a long and determined recovery from a serious stroke is finding a balance between rehabilitation efforts and living life. In the beginning, I spent six hours a day doing prescribed exercises. I was afraid that if I didn’t do everything suggested, I would not regain my lost functions.

One day I broke down in tears. “It’s impossible,” I wailed to my husband. I was exhausted, bored, frustrated. My husband reasoned that I needed to put some effort into enjoying my life today. As months passed and I realized that my progress would be glacially slow, I recognized the wisdom of his words.

If the stroke taught me anything, it is that my life and health is not to be taken for granted. Everything could change at any moment, rendering my dreams, my wishes, my “some days” even more challenging. I have to make the most of what I have
now – even if it means doing things differently than I’d imagined.

It has been 10 months since I last posted.  Thanks to those of you who have reached out to make sure I was okay. It feels good to be missed. For my part, I did not miss focusing on stroke. I needed a break. I have continued putting significant effort into recovery – doing four or five 90-minute therapy sessions per week. But I have been putting the rest of my limited time and energy into living life.

Next post: More about what I’ve been doing.