Saturday, October 22, 2011

To the Rescue

Almost two years have passed since my golden retriever died. My subsequent stroke prolonged the grieving-before-replacement period because I am now incapable of walking a dog, training or cleaning up after it.

But after much fawning over friends' dogs, I decided that the benefits of daily interaction with my own would outweigh the challenges. Clearly, I could not manage a puppy ... but an elderly adult?

I searched the online pounds and rescue organizations and discovered Bella, a nine-year-old Golden Retriever found in a park in Taiwan. Filthy and emaciated, she was nursed back to health over the course of a year. In July she was flown to the United States because she had a better chance of adoption here.

I fell in love with Bella before I met her. I identified with her fight for survival and the drastic changes in her life. The thought of helping her filled me with gladness and hope. Her healing power had taken hold already.

My husband and I made an appointment to meet her. She had ear infections, fleas, worms, a bleeding teat, a massive fat lump on her chest, and she didn't smell good. We brought her home anyway.

Four baths and as many vet appointments later, she's looking and smelling better. She lies by my side as I write this – a reminder of the extent to which we must sometimes go to give life another chance.


  1. Okay ... you did it. You made me cry.

    You and Bella are both so beautiful, inside and out!

  2. Linda is right. and your decision to go with an older dog was wise. I am still not able to walk Turbo by myself, even after a basic manners class in which we learned to have him leave some slack in the leash - he did it perfectly in class, but hasn't done it properly even once at home. what a suck-up!!!

  3. I can't stop watching Cesar Milan on the TV show The Dog Wisperer. I would love to adopt a dog but couldn't handle even an older dog by myself. I know you'll treasure his unconditional love.

  4. The happiness Bella brings into your life is streaming out of your face. A beautiful picture.

  5. Your awesome. Maybe it's the profile but she doesn't look Taiwanese at all. Huh.

    Amazing that she made it here and was so fortunate to find you and your husband. So happy for you all!