Tuesday, June 5, 2012


In the last few weeks, coinciding with major improvements in my leg, I have achieved the following:
  1. I have walked everywhere without my cane. That's no brace…no cane. Practically naked!
  2. I walked around my block in 18 minutes (without a cane) – beating my best time by 8 whole minutes!
  3. I attended an all-day seminar – only getting up to walk around at break times like everybody else. I was a bit stiff for a couple days afterward – but I was present and awake the entire time!
  4. I cycled water with my legs in the pool (straddling a noodle) for 45 minutes without my leg going into spasm, though my foot did. Then I climbed out of the pool taking the largest and last step onto the deck with my weak leg! Last year I wasn't strong enough to walk out of the pool – I had to scoot out backward on my bottom.
  5. I did 9/10 of a mile on the Cross Trainer in 20 minutes – almost half of what I used to do before the stroke, but a quarter-mile more than what I have been doing in the past year!
  6. Yesterday for the first time, I was able to pedal the recumbent bike fast enough to turn on the electronic controls and add resistance. I can pedal only at Level 1, and I did lose my footing several times – but that leaves plenty of room for progress!
  7. The progress in my leg has given me new hope for progress in my arm and hand; so I've added the highest resistance spring to my SaeboFlex!
  8. After a couple months of not being inspired to post on my blog, you are reading this!


  1. You were too busy to blog--congratulations!

  2. A list of achievements to be really proud of Marce, well done - You seem to be blazing a trail here sister!

  3. I am so impressed! I have actually been very lazy about doing the physical work lately you are inspiring me to get going again.

  4. Congratulations! Each one of those is an impressive - and difficult - accomplishment!

  5. From one stroke survivor to another - those are amazing accomplishments! Congratulations! :)

  6. Though delighted and amazed having seen you walk into the room unaided while I was on a webcam call I can confirm your accomplishments first hand.
    WELL DONE Marce!
    lots of love joe

  7. Every one of your achievements gave me a vicarious thrill. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. What a thrill to see you last Saturday doing and feeling so beautifully! It is a wonderful reminder to keep the faith - and not to give up - keep up the good work!
    With Love & Hugs,
    Janet M

  9. WOW!!! Congratulations!! Those are huge accomplishments.