Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cane Craft for Kids

I often receive compliments on my hand-decorated cane to which I reply, "Isn't it great? My nieces did it!" After coming home from the hospital, I wanted to prove to my nieces and myself that we could still have fun; so I arranged a play date to decorate my cane. We chose to shop for materials together at a craft store, but the 3-D paint and self-adhesive gems also can be purchased online.

To make your own personalized cane, you will need:

(1) plain cane
(1 set) 3-D paint suitable for metal/wood
(1 package) self-adhesive gems
(1-2) children

The paint squeezes directly from the bottle meaning no messy brushes to clean afterward. It comes in a variety of colors including neon and glow-in-the-dark. The gems come in all sorts of shapes and colors. We picked some sparkly dragonflies and butterflies.

If you have more than one kid – let one of them do the top half, and one the bottom. Be sure to tell them to stay away from the handle and the tip.

I forgot to allow time for my cane to dry and had to rush off to a doctor's appointment, which created a drip effect in some places. Plan on letting your cane set for at least a couple hours before using it.

Besides being reminded of my nieces every time I receive a compliment, I never have people mistaking my cane for theirs in the rehab gym. My colorful cane has been a great way to cheer up this otherwise dreary accessory to my disability.

Happy decorating!


  1. Awww.. the girls are adorable and so is your cane.

    At one point, when I was discouraged, my 21 year old daughter took me cane shopping and told me it was a fashion accessory. She bought me a chrome green one with a paisley design that "went with my wardrobe". I have felt better about the cane ever since.

    I am going to pass on your "craft idea" to a few people I know!


  2. I love this!!

    After I first had the stroke, I refused to even go inside a Rockport shop that carried beautiful (and expensive) canes - because I wasn't going to be using a cane "long enough" to justify it. Later, a stranger (who became a friend) made me a beautiful one covered with bunches of grapes, leaves and tendrils. It sure beats the cobalt blue and black speckled metal one we got at Walgreens to replace my quad-cane. That blue cane could sure use some jazzing up - maybe I'll try!!

  3. I remember being confused about which grey cane to take when I finished with out-patient therapy and got off the para-transit bus. I bought a pretty cane at a medical supply store and never looked back. I love the idea of including your nieces.