Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 10 Challenges

Time for those year-end Top 10 lists!
This is the Top 10 Challenges for the One-Handed.

This list could have been a Top 100. I've confined it to things I do on a regular basis. If something obvious isn't here, it's probably because I avoid it — i.e. zippers and buttons.

10. Getting the last bite of food onto a fork.

9. Taking a greeting card out of an envelope.

8. Putting a greeting card into an envelope.

7. Signing a credit card receipt – a short one that curls.

6. Opening that waxy plastic bag inside a cereal box.

5. Preparing a toilet seat cover.

4. Texting while driving*

3. Donning shoes while my dog confuses them for chew toys.

2. Removing fingernail polish.

1. Pinching one nostril closed while snorting allergy medication from a long-nozzle, pump-action bottle.

*Calm down – I’m kidding.


  1. i can't even do half that stuff!!! LOL

  2. A great book I found is "One-Handed in a two-handed world" by Tommye-Karen Mayer.

  3. Too funny!!! I had to do #1 last week when I had a bad cold - my first post-stroke cold. I swear, some of it came out my tear ducts.

  4. You've inspired me to write an upcoming post. Dealing with frustration is a big part of a stroke survivor's life. Humor is a good way to handle it. Kuddos.

  5. I am able handed and still have not mastered #5... I also liked your Top Ten Benefits list. Best wishes for an enjoyable Holiday!

    Love & Hugs,
    Janet M