Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One Wedding and a Funeral

I took two significant trips this year – one to England to attend a funeral, and the second to the East Coast to be in a wedding. Leaving town means missing my four weekly therapy sessions, which keep my physical discomfort to a minimum; so I’ve developed a strategy for dealing with muscle stiffness while traveling.

Following my own advice (Travel Tips for Survivors), I stayed in comfortable, accessible accommodations for multiple nights, and identified a local gym. Using a gym worked out the kinks from the plane ride and kept my energy level steady. I’ve learned from experience that surrendering to the notion that I need to rest for a couple days after a long plane ride simply allows my muscles to stiffen and lethargy to overcome me.

From the gym window in Kent County, England, I watched a horse frolicking in a green, green field. At the gym in Charlotte, North Carolina, my workout was interrupted by a fire drill; while we waited in the parking lot for the “all-clear,” my friend and her fiancé practiced their first dance, giving me a privileged first peek.  
After the wedding my husband and I drove to Canada for a week in a cottage by a lake. I mustered my courage and got into a paddle boat, and an inner tube being towed behind a pontoon. But the triumph was climbing into a canoe and paddling – better on the left than the right, but enough for my husband to feel the contribution.

I can paddle a boat, canoe?


  1. You continue to amaze and uplift my spirits. What strides you have made and what an inspiration you are. Go Girl!

  2. So glad you are back in the writing saddle! Have missed you. Judith M.

  3. You can PADDLE? But I'm mostly impressed you were brave enough to go tubing. Nice work.

  4. Thank you for including us in your story my beautiful maid of honor. And thanks for reminding me I need to exercise even when tired from a long journey. :)

  5. ROCK!

  6. I like the reminder not to submit to lethargy! You and your husband look awesome in the boat on the lake - you are lovely!

  7. It's so uplifting to read how you meet your challenges and have fun doing it. The photo just flashes happiness!