Thursday, November 27, 2014

Two Disabled People & a Dog

Like me, my dad had a stroke that limits his ability to walk.  Like me, he resisted buying a mobility scooter but, once he bought one, he loved it.

Dad also loves my dog – one of the few creatures on the planet with whom he can still communicate. Most of all, he loves lakes and waterfowl. My goal, since relocating him to Los Angeles after his stroke, has been to put him in the presence of these treasures as often as possible.

The challenge? How do I transport two scooters, two disabled people, and an elderly golden retriever in one car? Scooter trailers hold only one scooter, and anything bigger would be a hassle.

My solution was to have a Bruno Curbsider installed in my SUV. Dad operates the remote control to hoist the scooters while I keep them from hitting the car bumper (a concession in the position of the hoist that had to be made to accommodate the size difference in the two scooters). When I’m on my own, I can perform the entire operation single-handed – literally.

Once the scooters are loaded, I board the dog and stow the pet stairs she needs to climb in and out of the car, allowing just enough room for her to ride with her head out the window or to curl up and rest after our long stroll by the lake.

Presenting: Two Disabled People & a Dog 
It's a comedy!



  1. That is the best- I love it! Watch out you don't get a speeding ticket tho- you were MOVIN' on that scooter :-) Happy Turkey Day to you Marcell! Renee

  2. Fantastic!! You rock. Judith

  3. Hot damn - you look like a pro! I howled when I saw you place the steps and wait while your lab came out on cue. I howled again when I saw your dog scatter the geese. I discovered I am not happy if I don't get to see water so I totally relate to your father.

  4. you never cease to amaze and amuse me my friend!

  5. This is awesome! Love the background music - thanks for another wonderful blog :-)

  6. I watched the video a 2nd time and enjoyed it as much as the 1st time. You and your Dad look like very competent employees of a paratransit company. Your Labrador may be elderly but I'm glad to see he has not forgotten his duty to chase after birds sitting in water.

  7. I love this! Especially the pet stairs.

  8. I am just speechless! What a great video Marcelle! I wouldn't believe it, if I hadn't seen you manage this in person. Lucky Dad! He was blessed with his children—Pauline